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Snoop Dogg has teamed up with Funko Pop! for a new collaboration featuring exclusive figurines of the West Coast rap legend.

Dubbed Tha Dogg House, the collection includes a line of Snoop-themed Funko Pop! and GOLD figurines capturing the many different sides of Tha Doggfather.

Among them are five Funko Pop! figurines depicting Snoop in various outfits, including the jerseys of his favorite sports teams — the Los Angeles Lakers and Pittsburgh Steelers — pimp-inspired threads and a plaid shirt-and-Chuck Taylors combo reminiscent of his style in the early ’90s.

With the latter, fans can choose between Snoop with an afro or tightly-laid braids.

There are also two larger, more true-to-life figurines from Funko’s GOLD series capturing Snoop throwing up the Westside in his aforementioned ’90s outfit. One features the head of a Doberman Pinscher — a nod to his 1993 “Who Am I? (What’s My Name?)” music video.

Each item is valued at $15 and will be available exclusively at Funko’s Tha Dogg House pop-up store in Inglewood, California. The store opens its doors on Friday (January 6) at 1:30 p.m. local time. More details are available on Funko’s website.

Snoop Dogg’s branding game outside of his music career has always been on another level. The Death Row Records boss also has his own children’s series called Doggyland, a cooking show with Martha Stewart and a line of hot dogs, among other projects.

One venture that has been been making a lot of noise lately is Snoop’s Broadus Foods, which he runs with Master P. The company specializes in selling food products such as the rapper’s popular Snoop Loopz cereal brand.

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Snoop and P saw early success with the brand, but were recently forced to change its name after allegedly facing resistance from competitors.

Tha Doggfather and No Limit boss shared a video on YouTube last month announcing the rebranding of their breakfast product, which will now be called Snoop Cereal. They also unveiled three new flavors — Frosted Drizzlers, Fruity Hoopz with marshmallows and Cinnamon Toasteez — which Snoop and Master P taste-tested in the clip.