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Someone threw their mom’s ashes onstage during a Pink concert

Pink at the 2023 iHeartRadio Awards. Photo by Emma McIntyre / Getty Images.


Concerts have been extra weird lately. Post-pandemic, it feels like the fourth wall between stage and audience has broken down, and many fans seem to think that the best way to get the attention of their favorite singers is by throwing things onstage. Often, those things have been phones — leading to damaging consequences for the phone, the singer, or both — but Pink received the extra-special gift of someone’s mom’s ashes during her Hyde Park concert this past Sunday (July 25). And here I was thinking only Charli XCX stans were crazy enough to bring those to the venue.

During her set, Pink was already drowning in flowers, fan art, and teddy bears, but in the middle of “Just Like a Pill,” she picked up a bag of white powder that had made its way onstage. “Is this your mom?” the singer clarified with a member of the audience, then continued “I don’t know how I feel about this.” She later returned to the walkway in front of the stage to add “I have to say, that was a first.” Ever the professional, Pink didn’t drop a single lyric. After all, this is the woman who ends every show being catapulted into the air. It takes a lot more to scare her.