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The ebb-and-flow of regional rap scenes is to be expected, but trying to keep up with the current wave of Florida rap can feel overwhelming considering everything going on. It’s a gumbo of sounds—melodic pain rap, Michigan, No Limit, drill—filtered through the get-money raps, hustling schemes, and colorful imaginations of rappers across the Sunshine State. Even if you couldn’t see the gold teeth, you’d know exactly where they’re from.


Wizz Havinn’s Mr. Too Sticky dropped a few days before Christmas, but I’ll call it the first good rap tape of 2023. On “C Class,” the Tallahassee rapper sounds like he’s having a conversation with his seat leaned all the way back. His too-cool-to-care temperament can make it seem like he doesn’t care about anything, but really, he’s just too high to be phased by anything. Not even the unsettling electronic bounce of DDot Freezing’s beat is enough to shake him out of this trance. It’s strangely motivating though. Wizz Havinn’s all the encouragement you need to push through one last mile.