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Soulja Boy is already dissatisfied with the significant modifications Elon Musk is implementing to Twitter.

This past Saturday (November 11) the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper was not shy about his disdain for his disdain for the Tesla chief executive’s $44 billion acquisition of social media platform through a series of tweets that he posted expressing his displeasure with his 5 million users.

In addition to directly tweeting at Elon Musk, Soulja Boy began his rant with a slam on the latest Twitter Blue paid verification subscription option, which was announced recently under the instructions by Musk himself.

“Now you can pay to get verified? Twitter is now a mess,” Soulja Boy said in the first tweet , before following upwith “Bro Leave Twitter alone @elonmusk what are you doing.” He went on with a threat to abandon the app completely as well as creating and launching a new social media app that he has developed himself in the process.

“Wow… Wow… cannot believe this. In fact, I’m planning to develop an app of my own,” Soulja Boy said. “Bye twitter [Peace sign finger emoji] catch me on instagram until my app launches.”

Although Soulja Boy’s Twitter ban isn’t taking its full effect until now, it’s quite difficult for anyone to think of the service without him given that he’s been in the forefront of numerous viral videos that have been shared across thousands of timelines. In 2019, users on Twitter came out in support of Soulja Boy with their support after his viral interview on The Breakfast Club when he claimed that Grammy Award-winning rapper Drake was a copywriter of the rapper’s “Whole fucking flow.”

In February of this year, Big Soulja also reminded Lil B, a former member of the The Pack, a rap group from the 2000s The Pack, that he was one of the rappers to first appear to join Twitter following the time that Lil B praised Wiz Khalifa for being an early influencer on the application.

While it’s an unintentional shot, Soulja Boy may want to think about reaching for Doja Cat for help regarding his issues with the app. Planet The singer recently sought assistance from Elon Musk following an error when trying changing her twitter username.

“why can’t i change my name on here,” Doja wrote in the second paragraph. “how can i change my name? as well as”fuck you Elton. I don’t want to be Christmas forever. @elonmusk, please help me I’ve made a blunder.”

Elon Musk replied, astonishingly eager to help in awe of Doja Cat’s mistake. “Working at it! It’s pretty funny, though.” He then responded with Doja Cat’s “#boob” tweet by writing: “You should be able to change your name right now.”

Doja Cat expressed gratitude to Musk and then changed her twitter handle”fart” to “fart.”

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If this isn’t an alternative, Soulja Boy may want to look into others he’s connected to within his Hip Hop world, as numerous music industry titans have joined the owners group of Twitter due to Elon Musk’s multi-billion-dollar takeover. In a report by the TMZ report, Diddy has been named as one of the investors who remained silent in the purchase of Twitter following the investment of nearly $10 million in the social media site in the wake of the $44 billion purchase of the company.