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SZA has confessed to her fans that her infamous lyrics on Drake‘s “Rich Baby Daddy,” were recorded when she wasn’t at the top of her game.

Without sharing what prompted the confession, the TDE songbird took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday (December 27) to acknowledge that her contribution to the song — which also features Sexyy Red — is not exactly easy to decipher.


“Y’all lmao I was sick w a fever n couldnt breathe when I recorded this and told @champagnepapi no one would understand me n I sound crazy,” she wrote. “He said noooo ur fine anyways here’s the lyrics to RBD once n for all.”

The Lana songstress then reposted the story to her main feed, a long with a clarification of the lyrics to the track.


“‘You been so good and you deserve to end your suffering, I need good dick n conversation can you comfort me. I got a feeling this is more than what we both say I got a feeling this is more than feelings,” she wrote. “I can’t let you get away .. feels good but it can’t be love . Ain’t a damn thing that I’d do ! Ain’t a damn thing oooooo’ just in case lmao love y’all.”

Check it out below.

Earlier this month, SZA sat down for an in-depth interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. While shring that she sometimes lacks confidence in herself, she revealed that her music career was birthed out of a desire to prove a point to her then-fiancé.


“Some people choose music as a career and they feel very certain about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it,” SZA said around the 26:20 mark of the conversation. “But I was never quite certain, and I was going to music to prove a point.

“When I started making music, it was to my ex-fiancé because he was paying for everything – my food, my clothes, where I lived. And he was like eight years my senior so I was so co-dependent. And he was so talented. He’s a designer and so brilliant.”

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Drake Drops ‘For All The Dogs’ Featuring J. Cole, 21 Savage & More: Listen

She continued: “His ex-girlfriends were all lawyers and businesswomen and artists and all these things. And you know, I’m a college dropout and still bartending at the strip club. So I felt like I lacked value. So when I started trying to make music, it was this thing that I didn’t have to try at and I was randomly good at.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, SZA explained how outside pressures combined with the power of perception have impacted her interactions with fans and the outside world in general.


“I realized as of recent a lot of this shit is not normal,” she began, speaking on her success. “I didn’t know how to process that experience and I was having a lot of lashing out and a lot of frustration — a lot of opinions, a lot of entitlement to your space, a lot of entitlement to your time, a lot of expectation and no one is understanding, in the realm of being like ‘Why?’”