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Tamar Braxton Calla Out Producer Rodney Jerkins For Greed. There is a dispute about Royalties from Burna Boy’s song. In these shocking allegations, we find The Braxtons against Rodney Jerkins. The songstress implies producer of greed in a heated royalty dispute involving Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy. Braxton, known for her vocal prowess, took to social media to express her frustrations. and shed light on what she believes to be unethical practices in the music industry. This explosive allegation has left fans and industry insiders questioning the integrity of producers.

Burna Boy Royalty Dispute: Allegations against Jerkins

Tamar Braxton Calla Out Producer Rodney Jerkins For Greed.

According to The Source, Braxton’s called out Jerkins, claiming he took more Royalities than Tony.

Tony Braxton is the iconic singer who sang some of the most popular R&B songs in the 90s.

Tony’s song ” He Wasn’t Enough” was used in Burna Boy’s ” Last Last.”

Typically, Royalties go to the producer and those who create the song.

In this case, it appears Jerkins took most of the Royalties.

Of course, that is what Tamar had made us aware of publicly.

However, Tony has not made any comments on the alleged allegations.

Tamar has no issue blasting Jerkins.

The news was shocking to our ears because, up until now, we did not see Jerkins in this light.

Accusations against producer Rodney Jerkins have sent shockwaves throughout the music industry.

The dispute centers around the royalties from Burna Boy’s song.

According to Tamar. This is a clear example of greed prevailing over fairness and respect for artists’ rights.

This raises concerns about the treatment of artists and the need for greater transparency in royalty payments.

Allegations of greed in the industry are not new, but when they involve such prominent figures as Jerkins.

It causes us to question the integrity of those in the music business.

That is why discussions about fairness are so necessary.

Perhaps, if Jerkins and Braxton sat down and negotiated terms of Burna’s track.

Things may have gone better, although maybe not.

While Jerkins has not yet responded to the accusations.

It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold and whether it will lead to tangible changes in the music industry.

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