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The Alchemist and Action Bronson have a wholesome friendship, and both titans have now joined forces to create magic in the booth once again.

Taken from the California beatmaker’s new EP, Flying High 2— which was released on Friday (November 3) — “Vertigo” also arrives with a music video directed by Sean Kelly.


You never catch me slipping on the slight/ Better chance of getting struck by lightning twice/ I’m in a cinnamon colored vintage smoking spice,” Alc raps on his verse.

The Fuck That’s Delicious host then takes over with his trademark bars — nonsense yet tasteful — spitting: “Bring my own homemade in a tupperware to the restaurant/ Practice various wrestling moves on a leprechaun/ Nothing better you could spend sheckles on.”

The duo have worked together in the studio, co-starred on television and accomplished a ton more together ever since they crossed paths. With that in mind, the studio cook saluted Bronson on his birthday last year by reflecting on a decade-long friendship in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“Man, You snap your fingers and 10 years passes by,” he wrote. “A fucken decade. Its crazy because we’ve done a lot, individually & together, and in some ways it feels like we haven’t even started really kicking ass yet.

The Alchemist Labels Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson & Boldly James Certified Hoopers

The Alchemist Labels Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson & Boldly James Certified Hoopers

“Bam is a maniac like me. But even more maniac. The amount of things he has approached, tackled & conquered since I’ve known him is actually wild. Not normal.”

He continued: “We made history together in many ways and laid down our own blueprints for how to succeed simultaneously in multiple fields of entertainment by doing things our way. & u can see, hear & taste the influence everywhere. Now we both got kids , drink seltzer water and listen to talk radio. But aint shit changed we are still maniacs.”


“You have a way with words to touch the heart. Love you bro,” AB responded in the comments section soon after the post went live.