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Tierra Whack returns with new song “Chanel Pit”

Rahul Bhatt

Tierra Whack has released a new song titled “Chanel Pit” alongside a video in which she goes through a car wash (minus her car). Watch her get a polish and shine in the clip below.

Press materials shared alongside “Chanel Pit” note that Whack will release her second album early next year. The project will follow-up to her 2018 debut album, Whack World.

Speaking to Apple Music 1, Whack explained the “Chanel Pit” song title. “I had this friend, I think I was at an event, a show, a concert or something, and he pulled up and he said he knew that I was there because he knows my scent,” she told Zane Lowe.

“I don’t know if it was an Earl Sweatshirt concert or something. It was something. But everybody’s like, moshing going crazy. And he was like, I was walking, he was like, “I smell Whack. She’s here.” Then he made his way backstage and he found me, and he was like, “Yo.” That always just stuck in my head.”

Earlier this year Whack dropped “Millions.” Later this month she will be the subject of a new documentary titled Cypher. The feature-length doc will be released in theaters and on Hulu on November 24.