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Tony Yayo has offered his thoughts on Gunna‘s controversial plea deal and discussed how his first day out of jail wasn’t the best.

For the latest segment of his interview with VladTV that aired on Thursday (January 5), the former G-Unit soldier said although things looked up for Gunna in the video of him walking out of prison with a woman by his side, things were going to change once word got out regarding his release.

“It’s hard to call somebody a snitch without the paper work,” Yayo said. “But I think when that video came out — because remember Gunna got out and I love Gunna music, I love Thugga music. Gunna got out, you know, got the bad chick with him jumped into $200,000 Maybach everything was all Gucci you know what I’m saying. But two minutes later, what was that? Probably like an hour later, yeah the film in court came out.”

Yayo explained Gunna’s statement following his release was probably written by his lawyer, but that didn’t matter especially when a video leaked of the him admitting that YSL was a gang during his hearing. According to the “So Seductive” rapper, admitting anything in court is bad for anyone in the rap business.

“In this business, if you turn into a rat it’s kind of like career’s over,” Yayo said before explaining how he would’ve handled the situation. “Me, I would’ve rather sat a little longer ’cause I was only in there for a year. I would’ve sat a little longer than coming out to what the internet do to you.”

He added: “That wasn’t a good first day out for him after that came out, for me, like I said, I like Gunna, I like Thugga, I’m a fan of a lot of n-ggas in ATL, they had the game on smash for a minute. But that first day out with him coming out with the bad bitch and the Maybach, yeah it was cool but once the internet got to him with the pushing pleas shit that shit was a fucked up first day out.”

Yayo ended his statement by claiming Gunna would have had a better reception following his release if the video footage of him accepting the plea deal never got out.

Social media comedian Charleston White was one of the first people to drag Gunna last month with an Instagram video of him celebrating the rapper for “telling” on his YSL brother Young Thug.

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“I’m glad he got out by telling,” White said in the video. “I think that was smart Gunna. I’m a Gunna fan now. I’m a God damn Gunna fan now boy. That’s all you’re going to hear on the fucking CD is Gunna, Gunna, Gunna. I’m Gunna tell.”

White returned a few days later with a freestyle making fun of Gunna again for allegedly snitching. In the video, White wore a chain and bopped from side to side as if he was actually rapping.

He flipped Gunna’s name and the word “gonna” to highlight how he believes he’s the type of person that will snitch on anyone in his impromptu freestyle.

I’m the type that’s Gunna tell/ I heard they just let Gunna out of jail/ I’m Gunna tell, I’m the type that’s Gunna tell it, Gunna tell it,” White raps in the video.