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Chicago, IL –

Rappers will go to extreme measures to guard their jewellery, since there’s nothing more damaging than having an icy necklace taken off your neck.

Tony Yayo joined VLADTV in which the host recalled an incident when he lived in Chicago where the Young Buck‘s G-Unit chain of spinners was taken in 2004 in an Windy City nightclub.

“Yeah it was insane. The culprit was G-Unit spinner” Yayo confirmed. “Muthafucka had been located in Chicago as well. One of his friends (D-Tay) got the Chain and was is in Chicago. He was in trouble for sliding. Are you are in Chicago with that huge-ass chain? Things happen. Merry Christmas.”

Fortunately for Buck, 50 Cent made arrangements that the chain be delivered to Buck on time issue, however Yayo did not want to reveal details about what transpired outside of it being an “long story.”

The the other hand, if you want to be rich or die the standout track “If I Can’t,” 50 rhymes with the willingness to die to protect his chain.

“N-ggas don’t rob me, they know I’m down to die for my chain/G-unit, we get it popping in the hood/G-unit, muthafucka, what’s good,” his raps are featured on the track from 2003.

Although Yayo himself doesn’t subscribe to this particular theory He did talk about how securing one’s chain is fundamentally part of the Bible for hoods.

“I’m not going to say what I’d do however, some people might think, ‘Take that chain. Do not worry about it. We’ll just turn around. Some people might actually die to protect their chains,” he explained. “So it’s all about the circumstances and the individual.

“Some people that are smart have their shit insured and be like, ‘Alright, well fuck it.’ Where we come from, that’s two things that you gotta respect; respect my name and respect my chain… It’s all bullshit at the end of the day because it really ain’t about a chain, it’s about some real estate and all that other shit.”

In an earlier interview for VLADTV, Yayo recalled the personal risks he faced from the beefs that he was involved with. He also revealed that there were bounties on his head during the mid-2000s due to beef that he involved in with the 50 Cent.

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“Yes,” Yayo told Vlad after he inquired whether he was aware of any benefits to his head. “I do not want to reveal how much, however as I mentioned, n-gas will always claim that we are glorifying the poor. I think I was able to get money in prison. I was able to put money in my head on the streets. I’m not glorifying any of it because it’s true.”