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Too short And E-40 are fed up with the senseless violence that plagues the rap genre that they love both so deeply. The two West Coast legends seized their platform to voice their opinions in hopes of a positive change writing an op-ed that is awe-inspiring published in the newspaper The Atlantic.

In addition to naming the fallen rappers, such as XXXTENTACION, Nipsey Hussle, PnB Rock, Pop Smoke, King Von, Young Dolph and, most recently, the death from Takeoff, they chillingly contemplate “who’s next?”

The $hort and 40 call the need for intervention within Hip Hop and they believe that social media is the root to the rise of violence within the culture.

“The inner city is like the MMA Octagon–it’s the cage, the trap,” they wrote. “A number of violent shit is thrown down in the city, but it’s also home to numerous hip-hop artists. There’s still a lot of hunger, hope, and love on the streets. It’s just a matter of finding more effective ways to help one another. This is our responsibility as a generation just as it is the responsibility of the young MCs.

“One reason that violence has increased is the influence of social media. Rappers are trying to play the online game in a way that is detrimental to their security. They are making more money faster than we’ve ever. The last time we went to the stripclub where a rapper was seated with huge amounts of money, like walls with stacks of cash. Each was 3 feet tall.

“How do you make so much money at once all in one evening? We’re not sure. Certain artists HTML0spend thousands of dollars on outfits and millions on jewelry then get into the back of their Bugatti or whatever, and display so much wealth that they are unable to hold the money in their hands for an Instagram image.”

The E-40 as well as Too $hort don’t point the finger at a specific group, but they think that all elements of the market must unite and come up with an alternative to what’s happening right now.

“The industry needs change,” they said. “Artists must move cautiously and strategically. Music executives and labels have to put more money into training resources to protect the artists they collaborate with. Managers should hire experienced security personnel who are able to resolve tensions. Rappers need to limit their social-media activities and remain alert when they’re away from their home.”

Too $hort has personal experience losing his voice within Hip Hop. Too $hort witnessed 2Pac during the time he taken at Las Vegs, which he remembered in the 2021 episode of his YouTube show, $hort Stories.

“I saw 2Pac the night he got shot in Vegas,” he told me. “It was probably an hour, possibly, prior to the event. I was at the fight and this was one of the legendary Mike Tyson fights. Tyson knocked him out within a matter of 90 seconds. The hotel I was in was the Luxor and we were leaving the hotel. When I arrived, 2Pac, Suge and small tiny entourage were going to leave.

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“We were talking for a few minutes and he then said”We’re about to switch the music and head over to Club 662. It’s going be an open mic and everyone’s going to take to the microphone. I told him”That’s cool. We’ll be there. It was never done. the announcement.”