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Toosii has gone through a series of changes. Toosii has been through a lot of changes. North Carolina rapper had a impressive 2021 and was not just named as a HipHopDX Rising Star but also earned more than one billion streams and received his very first RIAA award for his first single “Love Cycle.”

The tour was sold out, and Toosii increased the price of his features, but along with the success came the stigma of fame, something Toosii disliked. Prior to releasing his new EP Boys Don’t Crying the singer-songwriter blasted the spotlight in the form of a passionate message tofans and expressed his wish that the music he created was kept secret to himself. The new album is released to the world, HipHopDX asked Toosii if these feelings have changed in any way.

“I don’t know bruh I’m taking it day by day,” he stated. “It’s an awful lot however it’s also a good thing that I am loved by my friends. I’m never going to change what I am because of the fact that I am. It’s just important to accept it as it is. If it’s truly love, I’m not going to fall off.”

Boys Don’t Crying is a response to his turbulent relation to the limelight. The hit song “Love is …,” Toosii declares “Cryin in the silence of no one other than me, I’ve been able to get help from anyone I feel like I’m all by myself.”

“As a man, we’re always taught to be tough and never be vulnerable,” Toosii declared. “As males, we need to think all about being able and be open about your feelings and feel accepted by others. Everyday I leave my home and find myself unable to go out without my head in the air, I’m not able show any sympathy or show any emotion. This is what the name of the EP was all about.”

Toosii also said that the EP was about the singer “having fun again,” which is a strange way of describing the record’s vulnerability. In the first track “Hey Now!”, that Toosii did a freestyle from his vehicle, he laid down the song using just an instrument as he contemplated about the pros and cons of a successful career.

“fun” in the sense of “fun,” Toosii means the album was a sigh of relief for him to make, as well as a healing way to allow him to finally let his inhibitions go.

“The thing is, I make fun records bro, and I just never drop them,” Toosii stated. “The songs where I’m talking about a amount of crap I’m not going to drop them. When I’m in the studio, I feel like I’m in a completely different universe. When I’m at home, or near fans, I’m an entirely different place. When I’m in the studio, I feel… it’s sacred. I feel as if I’m able to speak whatever I want.”

The artwork on the EP’s front cover, which shows people sitting beneath dead trees while the crows sat on its decaying branches.

“When I created the EP I was in a real vulnerable state,” Toosii stated. “Kinda on the inside , I felt empty. So I contacted my graphic designer, and we spent the night imagining this. We talked most likely from 8 p.m. until 4 in the morning, just creating this artwork.”

For the person who was under the tree Toosii stated that the person was actually him and the image was born from the image taken by someone of him in a in a fetal position as he was driving. If asked about the reason he was lying in a fetal position He simply responded, “cause the car was small as hell.”

The Toosii’s latest EP is getting momentum, (“Love Is …” currently has more than seven millions of streams” on Spotify) The DX Rising Star hit the road last week again alongside Rod Wave and Mariah The Scientist for the Beautiful Mind Tour, which began on the 11th of November in Minneapolis. He also updated the EP in the form of Boys Don’t cry Men do with five brand new songs to the collection. The fans who were observant noticed Toosii recently spent a lot of period of time working in studios with Future whom Toosii described as “the Drake of the streets.”

“Being in the studio with someone like Future you just gotta soak up the game and knowledge,” Toosii declared. If asked about whether it’s any point intimidating to share studio space with his favorite artists, Toosii was confident yet sincere.

“Nah, cause I grew up with my idols,” the man replied. “My idols were my father and brother. I have never idolized anyone except them. I admire the people I love as well as the people I spent my time with each day. This is why I’ve never been the kind of person to admire people outside of my own home. However, being around talented and hardworking people is an entirely different experience. It lets you know how effective you can be when you’re steady.”

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In regards to the studio sessions that Future has with Future Toosii, she’s not able to give any further details currently.

“Man listen, something special coming out of that,” he added. “I’m eager for the world to hear it. God has a way.”