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Tyler, The Creator has mourned the ending of Donald Glover‘s hit FX series Atlanta that premiered its final episode in the middle of this month.

Sharing a screen shot taken from one of the closing scene, Tyler took a moment on Twitter to express his gratitude for the work of Donald Glover.

“Was legit sad knowing it was coming to an end,” He wrote. “love this show. This moment was fantastic. Congratulations on creating something unique and memorable.”

Atlanta was aired its final episode “It Was All A Dream” on November 10.

It’s no secret that the Flower Boy rapper has always been a big fan of his work, both on music and on TV. Tyler posted on Twitter towards the end of the year to discuss some of his most-loved tracks from the year, and also paid a particular tribute to the track from Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20.

If a fan complained and pointed out the album’s lackluster review, Tyler, The Creator declared that he was not bothered. “Cause he tried to be all secret and cryptic like a dickfuck,” Tyler, The Creator posted on Twitter. “people missed out on some really cool shit, to me at least.”

The Tyler’s Atlanta sorrow occurs just a day after he had inaugurated an Golfwang shop located in New York City on Wednesday (November 16).

Tyler opened the store on the day of its opening by sharing the address of his brand new store. “35 HOWARD ST NEW YORK, NY 10013,” Tyler tweeted along with three sparkling star Emojis.

For songs, Tyler, The Creator was recently observed on the scene for Pharrell‘s “Down In Atlanta” music video in October. He was seen spending time with The Neptunes’s star as well as Travis Scott, and Freddie Gibbs recently said that he would love to collaborate on an entire album together with Odd Future leader.

“We can do it Tyler,” Freddie Gibbs told the Rap Caviarpodcast, by repeating his name. “I’mma contact his mommy and ask her to make it happen. She’ll make him take it on.”

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He added: “I love Tyler man He’s such a fun” weirdo. It’s as if, how could you not be in love with a man with such a personality? He’s like a brother to me, however, I admire him as well. Because I can see his actions and I think, “What is this?’ It’s astonishing, he’s got no fear!”

In the realm of acting things It was announced the fact that Tyler will play the part in the role of Jesus for the next season of Big Mouth on Netflix. “Big Mouth.

In their sixth and final season popular animated show announced that Tyler was joining the cast, expressing his gratitude in the form of a Twitter post. “In the name of the father, the son, and Tyler, the Creator plays Jesus in Season 6.”