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Tyrese Sues Home Depot For $1M For Alleged Discrimination. Actor Tyrese Gibson has recently filed a lawsuit against Home Depot. one of the largest home improvement retailers in the United States. The actor alleges that he has been a victim of defamation and discrimination, seeking a staggering $1 million in damages. This incident has garnered significant attention as Tyrese takes bold steps to pursue justice against the retail giant.

Tyrese Takes Legal Action Against Home Depot: Alleges Defamation & Discrimination

Tyrese Sues Home Depot For $1M For Alleged Discrimination.

In his lawsuit against Home Depot, Tyrese Gibson claims that he has been subjected to discriminatory practices.

The actor alleges that Home Depot employees failed to treat his colleagues fairly.

This incident occurred back in February 2023.

Tyrese Gibson, Eric Mora, and Manuel Hernandez were about to purchase items.

According to Los Angeles Times, Tyrese left the counter because of being recognized.

He did not want to create chaos; therefore, he allowed his craftsmen to further the purchase.

The cashier agreed to allow the transaction to be put on Tyrese’s credit card.

But after Tyrese left the store, she refused to complete the purchase.

When Tyrese heard his purchase could not be completed, he questioned the cashier.

As Variety stated, Things got progressively worse, then Tyrese asked for the manager.

At the time, the manager refused to meet with Tyrese.

Furthermore, Tyrese argues that he was mistreated and with prejudice by Home Depot’s employees.

This alleged discrimination has humiliated and disrespected Tyrese.

Now, Tyrese aims to hold Home Depot accountable for their employees’ behavior.

On the other hand, Home Depot claims they have reached out to apologize to Tyrese.

Nevertheless, Tyrese is moving forward with the litigation.

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