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Watch DAISY WORLD’s “ur soggy” video from her best friend’s point of view

DAISY WORLD. Photo by Sunny Mercuriadis.


Following the breakup of her band daisy last year, Daisy Hamel-Buffa wasted little time setting out on her own. She’d already rubbed shoulders with Los Angeles’s elite musical class, featuring on tracks by Tyler, the Creator (whom she’ll join in November as part of his Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival 2023 lineup) and Steve Lacy, laying the groundwork for a head start on solo success.

Last month, she shared “ur soggy,” the first confirmed single from her debut solo album as DAISY WORLD, due out sometime sometime next year (title TBA). Today, she’s premiering the carefree but self-care-themed visual treatment with The FADER.

The video is shot POV style by Daisy’s lifelong best friend, Sunny Mercuriadis. From Sunny’s perspective, we watch an idyllic, bluebird day of bubble baths, messy meals, and extravagantly silly outfits play out. At first glance, it’s incongruous with the song, in which Daisy takes aim at a deadbeat lover who isn’t worth her time. But the glee — with a tinge of gloating, maybe — that suffuses the visuals is there in the music: Daisy sings in the relaxed tone of a jazz-trained vocalist taking a stroll through a garden of tasteful chord changes rendered in big, bright synths.

A close reading of the music and lyrics together — or maybe a complete stretch — finds our protagonist in complete control, showing off the platonic relationship in her life that surpasses her romantic ones in importance.

“This is EASILY my favourite video I’ve made…because it’s just me and my best friend Sunny doing what we’ve ALWAYS done since we were 7 years old,” she tells The FADER: “Dressing up in funny outfits, creating weird scenes, choreographing dances, and filming ourselves having fun to the tune of our favorite songs : ) .”

“The ‘ur soggy’ video is a testament to our love of nonsensical realities and our 20-year friendship ❤️,” Mercuriadis adds. Watch the clip exclusively below.