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Why They WANT Hawaii to Burn

We here at FADED4U can speculate on some reasons why someone might want Maui to burn.

  • To clear land for development. Maui is a beautiful island with a lot of potential for development. Some people might see the island’s forests as an obstacle to progress and want to clear them away to make way for hotels, resorts, and other businesses.
  • To get rid of pests. Maui is home to a number of invasive species, such as rats, feral pigs, and mosquitoes. These pests can damage crops, spread disease, and harm native wildlife. Some people might believe that burning the island would be an effective way to get rid of these pests.
  • To create a firebreak. If there is a wildfire on Maui, it could spread quickly and destroy a lot of property. Some people might believe that burning the island in a controlled manner would create a firebreak that would help to stop a wildfire from spreading.
  • To make a political statement. Some people might want Maui to burn as a way to protest against government policies or to draw attention to environmental issues.

Land owned by Billionaires and Celebs in the image below by percentage%

It is important to note that these are just some possible reasons why someone might want Maui to burn. There may be other reasons that I have not mentioned. It is also important to note that I do not condone the burning of Maui or any other island. I believe that it is important to protect our natural resources and to find sustainable ways to develop our land.

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