This post was originally published on this site has told the story of the iconic crowd chant that was featured on Usher‘s hit song “OMG.”

The Black Eyed Peas frontman sat down with UPROXX‘s Fresh Pair and shared the story of the reason why the song’s breakdown chant originated from a shady source.

“They called me the other day and said”We’re in need of an attack. I’m like”What kind is a hit?’ it’s a very vague question. ‘You know, international. We need an international hit”” remembered. “‘I Had A Feeling’ was huge and I was searching for a song that ‘I Had an Emotion. I’m thinking “Yo, I want an album like Kool & The Gang ‘Celebrate” that is played everywhere and at every birthday celebration or Bar Mitzvah, every freaking football game. I’d like to hear a song similar to that.”

When searching for this track, was reminded of a show with the Black Eyed Peas he had previously performed in France and mentioned that when they performed their juggernaut smash “I Got a Feeling” the crowd began chanting.

“So I’m thinking”What do you think? ‘” said. “So I go to the TV host I’m like, ‘Excuse me, what’s this?’ He’s like, ‘It means they like the Black Eyed Peas.’ I’m like, can you send me this?”

The host shared an MP3 of the crowd’s chanting and was approached by Usher to make the “international hit” brought that song to his team, and it was a perfect match with “OMG.”

The track, which is part of Usher’s platinum album Raymond V. Raymond, would turn out to be the R&B superstar’s ninth number one single in the US and make Usher the first artist from the decade of 2010 to have a number-one hit for three consecutive decades.

Usher has accumulated scores of hits through the years that he stated that in August, no other R&B artist would ever be able to take his place in the Verzuz contest.

“I think if you ever came to my show, you would understand that I don’t even think a Verzuz could handle all of the songs that I have to be honest,” Verzuz spoke to PEOPLE Every Day. People Every Day podcast. “It’s as if I could manage it on my own. However, I’m not interested in doing this. This is not the point of Verzuz I against me.”

He added: “But I think it’s fantastic. It’s great to be able to celebrate music. However, appreciation begins with knowing the nature of it and how long it took to create this legacy. If you decide to look at it in comparison with, what exactly are you comparing it to? What are you comparing it with it?” creates his own Mercedes-Benz to Help Urban Students find STEM jobs

Usher later said he’s on an entirely different category in terms of hits. “I’m a different animal, man,” Usher said.”I’m made of a different cloth. When you play those songs I’m going to tell you, I don’t think anyone on earth would ever want to smoke while listening to them.”

For the singer, he has recently announced the BREAK MY SOUL remix of Beyonce’s EP was his creation and was released prior to the release of Renaissance. The producer revealed that his trip to France when he heard the chart-topping hit for the very first time and it inspired him to play with remixes of the song. The result ended up being delivered to the Beyonce camp.

“They weren’t thinking about remixes until I sent it,” the singer told Metro UK. “They have released remix EPs, and my song is the first track included – and I was the one to inspire the idea! I’m not able to find the word for it, but it’s as if Santa Claus has real!”

In another news item, The Black Eyed Peas have released the ninth studio album Elevation on Friday (November 11th, 2011).