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Wiz Khalifa Relies On Walking Sticks After Pelvis Injury. Khalifa is a famous rapper known for his hits, such as “Black and Yellow” and “See You Again,.””  He has recently been seen using walking sticks to aid his mobility. His fans are concerned about his health, and many have been sending well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

Wiz Khalifa Forced to Use Walking Sticks

Wiz Khalifa Relies On Walking Sticks After Pelvis Injury.

In a recent appearance with walking sticks, Khalifa raised many questions about his health.

The rapper is known for his energetic performances and ability to move freely on stage.

But his recent injury has forced him to use walking sticks, as stated by Yahoo.

The rapper has not yet disclosed the details of his injury.

However, according to Hip Hop DX, sources close to him have revealed that he has been dealing with the pain.

It is not uncommon for walking sticks to be used.

Especially if individuals have suffered injuries to the pelvis or legs.

It is a standard tool used to help with mobility, balance, and stability.

In the case of Wiz Khalifa, he is using walking sticks to prevent further injury.

That is, as his pelvis heals.

At this time, we are not sure what happened to Wiz Khalifa.

Although, it is evident that he has suffered some mishaps.

Fans have been sending well wishes to Wiz Khalifa for a quick recovery.

He assured fans that he is on the mend by saying,

“Small rip in the cartilage of my pelvis but I’ll be right back,” Wiz wrote. “The pain isn’t from the actual tear so soon as the spasms stop i should be Gu Wop.”

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Hopefully, Wiz Khalifa will recover and return to rapping.

Wishing you all the best, Wiz!!!