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Yeat fans have expressed their displeasure after the obscure rapper was left out of all Grammy Award nominations specifically , in the”Best New Artist category.

A tweet by Underground Sound shows that Yeat and his cult-like fan base streamed all artists of the category Best New Artist.

2. 2 Alive rapper had 1.8 billion streams by 2022. The second-highest was Latto with more than 500 million streams. Latto is still one of the top contenders to win the prize in February.

You can find the complete list of items below:

“This is the only category where streams should probably be important,” one fan wrote, and another wrote: “Not surprised, Grammys is so washed at this point lol.”

But there were those who were on the opposite side of the spectrum who said that streaming services don’t always provide the complete picture of an artist’s abilities.

“Grammys aren’t always about number of streams,” another fan said in his replies. “Otherwise, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd will be the winners of every award they’re nominated for. in the .”

On the music front The mysterious Yeat dropped the Lyfeproject in September. He also released the Deluxe version of 2 Alive in the spring of this year, featuring Lil Uzi Vert, Ken Carson and many more.

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Yeats fans weren’t the only unhappy with the nominations of the Recording Academy as Denzel Curry hit out at the Grammys following his feeling that the nominations were not enough for him.

“Glo Rilla Deserves it,” he began. “But for the Rap Album Category I can simply name the other 10 albums which are actually excellent. Congratulations to kdot and push but that’s not all the rubbish, come on bruh… It’s is a shit about has a lot of money at the end the day. If this is what it boils down to, I’m going to pick my bread. The words of the late great Kimbo Slice Man, “Let’s go take my bread.”

He added: “My Album literally tied to one of the albums that were nominated for Grammy Awards. Grammy but I still got stolen. My homies who released Top Notch solid albums this year got robbed. They don’t really care about the music or the culture. They are only concerned with creating the big players.”