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Yes yes yes, Arca really played PinkyDoll’s “Ice cream so good” meme in her Field Day set



Sarah Louise Bennett via Field Day 2023

This Saturday it was Field Day in London. The annual electronic music festival had a pretty great line-up this year, with Sudan Archives, Fever Ray, and Kelela all performing alongside headliner Aphex Twin. Personally, however, the highlight was Arca’s early evening set on the festival’s main stage. There were lots of highlights within the hour-long set itself, including watching her swaying on a bondage swing during “El Alma Que Te Trajo” before later ending the set with a nod to the U.K. via a jungle track.

For the extremely online in the audience (which, at an Aphex Twin-headlined event it’s fair to say is a lot of people) the moment in Arca’s set that cut through the most was when she dropped PinkyDoll’s “Ice Cream So Good” into the mix. PinkyDoll is, of course, the NPC streamer who went viral a few months ago when footage of her broke out of the TikTok world and began confusing users on other platforms. Her “Ice cream so good” catchphrase became a meme and, in turn, a song released in conjunction with Fashion Nova.

“Ice Cream So Good” (the song) might not have made the same impact online as the original streaming clips did but it fitted perfectly into Arca’s early evening set. You could give yourself a headache wondering what the whole thing means or you could just switch off your brain, quote PinkyDoll, and say “slay.”