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Young Dolph’s band of musicians aren’t happy about the music released by a man who is alleged to have killed and shot his Paper Route Empire (PRE) boss in 2021.

This week, the suspected shooter, Justin “Straight Drop” Johnson has released a brand-new track titled “No Statements” while incarcerated for allegedly being involved during the attack.

The track finds Johnson remaining in his innocence, declaring that”I’m “a rapper,” but “the state say that I’m a paid killer.” Johnson seems to also target his adversaries with the lyrics: ” No statement/ Got to be patient/ Might make it home before you blink.”

The song’s release was announced when Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy announced Hernandez Govan as the third suspect to be detained in the investigation.

The two Young Dolph’s Paper Route Empire artists, Paper Route Woo and Snupe Bandz made statements about the new track.

“It appears like someone is making up a few statements. There can’t be any statements. There’s always someone being drawn in, so someone is giving certain assertions,” said Paper Route Woo.

Snupe Bandz said: “They just rapping about it, somebody talking in real life.”

Its timing track makes fans believe Johnson is using this moment to promote his rap career. Although he’s not giving “no statements,” as the title implies, many believe that Johnson is actually making a statement in particular since Govan is being held in jail and is believed to be the one responsible for Dolph’s murder.

Things haven’t gone as planned for Johnson while he is waiting for his fate in the Young Dolph murder trial. On March 1, he reported to have been attacked while on the phone. He was also involved in a separate incident with another inmate.

The young Dolph was killed and shot as he was looking with his mom at the Madeda’s Cookies at Memphis, Tennessee in November 2021. According to the report of the coroner that the suspects who committed the murders shot at Dolph and struck him more than 22 times.

Young Dolph’s Legacy To Be Honored With Nationwide Day Of Service On Anniversary Of His Death

U.S. Marshals were able to arrest Johnson in January 2022. The U.S. Marshals arrested him in Indiana In January 2022, Johnson was arrested in Indiana, but he eventually taken to Memphis in the United States, where he admitted not guilty to a number of crimes, including first degree murder. Two other suspects are being held in jail and accused of their role in the killing of Young Dolph.

Cornelius Smith has been charged with murder first-degree in addition to the possession of weapons and theft. Shaundale Barnett, who was accused of aiding Justin Johnson evade police during an extensive search that lasted for a week before being caught and charged with having been an accessory to the crime after the fact.

The day of the week (November 17) marked the one year anniversary of the day Dolph passed away. In honor of his legacy his estate Dolph estate released the posthumous release of a single entitled “Get Away.”

Paper Route Empire’s Key Glock also paid tribute to the legacy of Dolph with their release of the PRE5L EP. Listen the EP right here.