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Young Thug and Gunna’s RICO trial will officially start on the 9th of January, 2023. It could run for more than a half year.

The Atlanta rappers who were accused of racketeering in May, as one of the 56 counts in an indictment for the Young Slime Life (YSL) collective, appeared before a judge on video to attend a pretrial session on the court in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday (November 17).

Thug as well as Gunna have been seen in jumpsuits, and both sporting noticeable longer hair in jail, where they’ve spent the last six months in prison for the last six months.

In the hearing during the hearing, the judge Ural Glanville set the January trial date following a denial of the prosecution’s motion to hold the trial until March as reported by the 11Alive. “The biggest driver that I see is that I’ve no-bonded most all the people in this trial, and they deserve to have a right to go to trial,” the judge declared.

Then, in October of last year Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis made a 10-page motion to request a delay of two months during the trial to allow some of the defendants to obtain legal representation. At the time there was nearly a quarter 28 accused YSL members listed in the indictment did not have an attorney.

“A continuance to the final week in March would protect the speedy trial rights of those who have asserted those rights, while also ensuring that the additional eight defendants have properly prepared appointed counsel,” Willis stated in her appeal that was later denied.

Prosecutors also announced in the Thursday’s hearing that they are planning to present “around 300 witnesses” in the trial, which is expected to be three and a half months. Judge Glanville is, however, of the opinion that the trial will last “closer to six to nine months,” according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter George Chidi..

Witnesses have been the focal aspect of the case so to. On August 1, Willis disclosed that an identity document that contained the identity of a YSL associate who cooperates with authorities was exposed. She said that threats were directed at the witness and relatives of the witness.

Fears of intimidation of witnesses have been also mentioned in the repeatedly denied requests in Young Thug’s as well as Gunna’s bond requests.

Young Thug’s legal team, in turn they made a variety of requests at Thursday’s hearing, among them to have the rapper’s arrest warrant removed due to “prosecutorial misconduct.”

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His legal team has claimed that Fulton County prosecutor made use of a fake subpoena in order to obtain information on Thug through the rental car firm Hertz. Thug was the YSL rapper was allegedly was a passenger in an Infiniti Q50 car which was involved in the murder of January 15, 2015 of Donovan “Peanut” Thomas Jr. in Atlanta.

Thug’s lawyers made motions to block certain types of evidence obtained through his phone, as well as the past grand jury hearings which they claimed to be “sham.” Judge Glanville delayed the motion to remove information until transcripts of the last court hearing with the judge who was previously in charge can be examined.

Furthermore, another demand for the Young Thug’s bail was filed and his lawyers claimed Thug was “languishing in the County Jail since the date of his arrest.” As with Gunna, Thug has previously been denied bond three times..

Young Thug, who’s facing numerous charges for being the alleged ringleader of an “criminal street gang” behind several brutal crimes committed in the Atlanta region, is scheduled to appear return to the court on December 15.