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Young Thug’s Attorney Seeks Dismissal Of A Video. Thugger’s attorney has filed a legal motion to dismiss an alleged goat sacrifice video. That the prosecution wants to use as evidence against his client. The defense has challenged the video’s authenticity, claiming it has been tampered with or manipulated. This case has attracted significant media attention. They make fans and critics eager to see how the legal proceedings unfold.

Legal Motion Filed as Defense Challenges Authenticity of Evidence

Young Thug’s Attorney Seeks Dismissal Of A Video.

His defense team has taken a bold step in their effort to defend their client.

By filing a legal motion to dismiss the alleged goat sacrifice video.

The defense argues that the video does not accurately represent events and has been tampered with or manipulated somehow.

They further contend that the video’s authenticity cannot be verified.

According to Complex, Brian Steel Thugger’s attorney is requesting a dismissal.

Because the alleged video can not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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Especially since the video has nothing to do with Thugger’s court case.

This legal maneuver has intensified the already high-stakes battle between the defense and the prosecution.

There is something wrong with providing this video.

Is the prosecution implying that Thugger is involved with Satanic rituals?

At this point, it appears the prosecution is grasping for straws.

What do you all think?

Should this video be admissible or not?

Having said this, I am wondering, when will Young Thug’s trial be over.