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Yung Joc has claimed artists sleeping with producers in exchange for beats is very common in the industry, and it’s more normalized than people think.

During a segment from his recent interview with VladTV that aired on Wednesday (January 3), Joc shared his thoughts on Ashanti‘s comments during a Breakfast Club interview last month regarding a producer who made a move on her in exchange for a couple of records.

According to Joc, artists sleeping with producers for beats is a thing in the industry, and gender doesn’t matter when it comes down to it.

“I think it’s very common. I think a lot of women be like, men too, real talk let’s be for real,” Joc said before the reporter asked him to clarify his statement. “Excuse me? There ain’t a lot of female producers out there, so who are they sleeping with?” they asked.

Joc replied: “You think just because they’re men… oh okay you going to play that naive? You know what I’m talking about. There’s male producers out here that would do something probably I’m sure.

“It’s women who wanna get with a guy right already cause they got a crib, they tryna pop off, they tryna rub elbows and they be fun with the guy or his lifestyle,” Joc said before explaining a producer would then flip it on the artist and ask for a sexual act in exchange.

“‘A little trim, I got you,” Joc said, imitating what a producer would say. “‘I’m just saying, you want the beat, I want the beats.”

Joc suggested the reporter ask women in the industry how it would go down as they would give an accurate retelling of events. He even extended it to the female viewers and asked them to reply in the video’s comment section.

Ashanti told The Breakfast Club an unnamed producer attempted to coax her into taking a shower with him by offering her songs — which were recorded for one of her albums — free of charge.

Ashanti was taken aback by the producer’s request and initially thought he was joking, until he explained he was “dead serious” and threatened to charge her $40,000 a piece for the records unless she complied.

“I’ve been in a crazy situation with one producer — I think I might have talked about this once,” she said. “We did two records together. He was like, ‘OK, I’m not gonna charge you, you my homie.’ And then when it came time to put it on the album, he was like, ‘Well, let’s take a shower together.’

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“And I thought he was joking! And then he was like, ‘Nah, I’m dead serious. Let’s take a shower together and I’ll give you the records. If not, I need 40 racks per record.’ And again, I thought he was joking because we had been working with each other for like, I don’t know, a couple of weeks.”

Despite her shock, Ashanti implied that the situation was later “handled” after she made “some phone calls,” although she didn’t get into specifics. DJ Akademiks blasted Ashanti a few days afterward for not exposing the producer’s name on a live stream.

“I wish she revealed the name,” he said. “Ashanti, you’ve been in the industry for 20 years now, just say the name. Just say the fucking name. I don’t think you do any service to any other woman who might work with this n-gga later.”